Flor da Selva is a small-scale family-owned coffee roasting company located in Bairro da Madragoa, Lisbon, where tradition has been preserved from the date of its creation.


Our production is based on three guidelines:



1. The composition of the batches maintains the original features that used to characterize the Portuguese coffee in the 50s.


2. Coffee is made using firewood, as at the beginning of its production.


3. The coffee we produce is natural and therefore free of additives.

This way, we can offer you a genuine coffee whose olfactory-gustatory traits are boosted by the old roasting process.




Flor da Selva, Lda. was established in 1950 by Manuel Alves Monteiro, born in Paderne,

Melgaço, father of the current owners, Vasco Faria Monteiro and Jorge Faria Monteiro, presently the managing principal.


Manuel Alves Monteiro, the oldest of 8 siblings in a family that would become connected to coffee production, moved to Lisbon when he was 13 years old, after having finished primary school.

It had been his maternal uncle Manuel Alves San Payo – a renowned photographer and official photographer of the regime at the time, who received him at the capital city in 1937 – the one that made flourish in him that will to move to Lisbon.


A FLOR DA SELVA, LDA. Trav. do Pasteleiro, 32 1200-755 Lisboa - Portugal


Schedule: Monday to Friday - 9-13 am | 14-18 pm

Tel: 213 967 166  .  Fax: 213 966 437


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